What is vtenext CRM + BPM Community Edition?

Vtenext is the innovative Open Source CRM solution with a BPM Engine natively integrated.
The power of customization is taken to another level thanks to the BPMN editor to design, draw and extend the process logic even to your custom modules and integrations.


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vtenext features

  • BPMN engine with graphic interface
  • record management
  • helpdesk management
  • sales management
  • campaign scheduling with BPMN
  • automatic synchronization of targets
  • roles and Profiles Management
  • synchronization with external CRMs
  • creation of customized modules and fields
  • advanced customization via SDK
  • free mobile app
  • mail scanner of external emails and record creation (mail converter)
  • PDF generator
  • integration with SMS sending services
  • campaigns and newsletter management
  • project management with gantt graphic
  • customer portal
  • lead management
  • GDPR compliant data management
  • client email with CRM integration
  • reports and graphs engine creator
  • calendar/appointments management
  • centralized login support via LDAP
  • data import via CSV or external databases
  • appointments synchronization via activesync
  • kanban or list records view
  • dark mode
  • web from creation
  • PHP7 Support
  • Klondike (CE)

Getting started

button step1

Download the repository zip. Extract this zip to your hard drive root.

button step2

Open your FTP client and upload the VTENEXT CE onto the web server desired.

button step3

Open your URL web browser where you uploaded VTENEXT CE.Follow the Configuration Wizard!

Step 1

Download the latest release of VTENEXT CE from Sourceforge. Unzip file into a folder on your hard drive. This will create a folder containing the files and directories (the software will be in the "source" directory).


Step 2

Open your FTP client and upload the VTENEXT CE files in ‘binary mode’ to the desired location on your web server. All files can be uploaded to a “vtenext” sub-directory in your public www folder, for example http://yourdomain.org/vtenext/or you could setup VTENEXT CE in its own subdomain and upload all the files, for example http://vtenext.mycompany.com


Step 3

Open your web browser and navigate to the URL where you uploaded VTENEXT CE. If everything is uploaded correctly, you should see the Configuration Wizard. If there are any problems, VTENEXT CE will identify them and help you out with a solution, otherwise follow step by step the instructions to have the software correctly installed.

Recommended PHP Setting

button php7


  1. /etc/php/7.0/apache2/php.ini
  2. /etc/php/7.0/cli/php.ini

with following parameters:

  • error_reporting E_ALL &~E_WARNING & ~E_NOTICE &~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT
  • display_errors On
  • fle_uploads On
  • max_execution_time 600
  • memory_limit 128M
  • log_errors On
  • output_buffering On
  • short_open_tag On

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