Can't Config SMTP server

07 Jul 2020 15:20 - 07 Jul 2020 17:03 #3625 by
When i configure the mail server i always get the messages:

Stato test Mail: La mail non puo` essere inviata all`amministratore. Verifica le configurazioni del mail server e la email dell`amministratore

fresh installation of VTENEXTCE 20.04 in an fresh ubuntu server 18.04 php 7.2.

I ve also try to configure the same mail in the admin user (read about it in some old forum post) but same result.

In the mail log of the smtp server i can see just this error :

lost connection after STARTTLS from host...

Seems like i miss something.
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20 Aug 2020 10:22 #3630 by mapokid
Replied by mapokid on topic Can't Config SMTP server
Are you sure the port is correct?
These are the defaults:
SMTP AUTH: Port 25 or 587
SMTP SSL: Port 465
SMTP StartTLS: Port 587

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10 Dec 2020 13:47 #3649 by
I am attempting to configure the SMTP Server on my instance as well using a microsoft exchange server. I have set up the user email and it works perfectly but when I set up the smtp server for the CRM I continue to get the Test Mail "Status : Mail could not be sent to the admin user. Please check the admin email address/Server settings" error. I have checked all settings, forums and FAQ's and to be sure the credentials are identical for the user and the SMTP for the CRM. Any other ideas? Thank you very much!

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18 Dec 2020 10:49 #3657 by dende
Replied by dende on topic Can't Config SMTP server
please check that admin's email is the same mail that you are trying to configure.
The Exchange server may refuse to send the mail because the sender (admin email) and the login user are not the same.

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09 Feb 2021 09:09 #3666 by
Ciao a tutti,
ho un problema analogo su un'installazione che sto facendo per verificare la bontà del prodotto.

Ho fatto innumerevoli prove provando ad utilizzare anche un server smtp interno... ma il messaggio non cambia.

Ho installato tutti i componenti come da manuale, forse bisogna installare qualche altro componente?


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