Installation error: Unable to connect to database Server

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19/06/2021 15:58 #3716 da
Hello. I'm Leandro Battista and I'm trying VTENEXT. I'm maving some issues installing it. I want to install it as local only. I installed XAMPP and I did all the configurations: I setted up the php.ini and installed ImageMagick and APCu so there's no warning messagess. Everything is fine until the System Configuration window.

This is the info I'm setting there:

Host Name: localhost
Server listen Port: Nothing or 3306
User name: root (I don't know if this is for access to VTENEXT with total privilegies or for the database)
Password: Nothing or something basic
Database Name: Default, something basic or something I previously created with MariaDB for trying. Of course I activated Create Database (Will drop if the database exists), UTF-8 Support is enabled and setted root as admin with a simple password.
URL: http://localhost/vtenext
Currency Name: Argentina, Pesos ($)

And after clicking Next, a Window pop up with the message:
Specify the exact host name instead of "localhost" in Site URL field, otherwise you will experience some issues while working with VTE plug-ins. Do you wish to Continue?

If I click Accept, the next window have this mesage:

Unable to connect to database Server. Invalid SQL Connection Parameters specified
This may be due to the following reasons:
- specified database user, password, hostname, database type, or port is invalid
- specified database user does not have access to connect to the database server from the host

Database Configuration
Database Type MySQL
Database Name vte20041_2208
Server listen Port
Database UTF-8 Support Not Enabled
Site Configuration
URL http://localhost/vtenext
Default Charset ISO-8859-1
Currency Name Argentina, Pesos($)

I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can you help me with this? I will be very grateful!

Greetings from Argentina.

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20/06/2021 13:40 #3717 da dende
Hi Leandro,
please make suke that you can connect with external connection with that user.
mysql's root user usually can only access from localhost via socket not with mysql native auth.
A workaround to this situation could be the creation of a new mysql user.

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24/06/2021 15:44 #3722 da
Thanks Denis. Now I can continue to the confirmation screen without any problems, but when I try to install I get the following message:

Fatal error: Cannot unset $this in D:\xampp\php\pear\adodb\ on line 178

When I open that file I can see this:

177 function destroy() {
178 unset( $this );
179 }

What's wrong?

Anyway, I'm trying to install this version of VTENEXT:

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24/06/2021 15:52 #3723 da dende
PHP version used ?

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24/06/2021 16:25 #3724 da
The PHP version is 7.3.28 from XAMPP 7.3.28. This is the official installer: xampp-windows-x64-7.3.28-1-VC15-installer.exe

Thank you.

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04/07/2021 11:03 #3727 da dende

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